Randomly generated Barbarians hate Mages almost as much as they love gold.
    Newly arrived in a small village, whilst sampling a tavern's wares a Barbarian learns of a nearby tower in which lives a particularly rich Necromancer.
    Kill the Necromancer, get the treasure!


    The Necromancer's Tower is perilous and will require a combination of agility and brute force to climb.

    Use the enter and arrow keys to configure and start the game. Keys and gamepads are customizable in the options menu.

Hold the left and right arrow keys to move.
Hold down while near the top of a staircase or up while near the bottom of a staircase to step on it.

Hold up or down while on a staircase to move on it.
The Necromancer's Tower seems to have been designed for an owner who can fly. Barbarians can't fly, but they can jump good.

Hold the direction you want to to jump and then press C to leap between platforms.

enemies and breakables
Swing your sword to attack enemies by pressing the Z key. Additionally, projectiles can be blocked with a well timed sword swing.
Some objects can be destroyed to uncover useful powerups.

enemies and breakables
Grab a dropped sword to switch your sword out for a more powerful one.
Eat deliciously well preserved meat to recover health.
Collect treasure for bonus score.
Find a ranged weapon and collect skulls to throw it.

Throwing knifes have long range and use one skull per throw.

Throwing axes do heavy damage and use two skulls per throw.

Bladed boomerangs can strike an enemy twice, use two skulls to throw, and give one skull back when caught.

Barbarian Health
Health of last hit Enemy
Time spent playing
Subweapon ammo
Extra lives left
Full Run
Displayed if the game is started from the beginning, upon beating the game the completion time can be submitted to the fastest time leaderboard.
    Submit your highscore online! Kill more enemies, find treasure, and most importantly don't die to get a high score!

Thanks for playing!