Barbarians and the Necromancer's Tower
Linux Port Notes
Known Caveats:
Password Copy/Paste does not work.
Gamepads may not work on all systems
May be various small bugs from the porting process in the actual gameplay, let me know if you see anything that's odd or broken!

I'd love to hear how the game's working, if you try it, drop me a line!

Game was compiled on Ubuntu 12. Libraries are included for 32bit Ubuntu 12 and 14. See Readme.txt for setup instructions.
Game works best with a hardware accelerated graphics driver that supports OpenGL 2.0. Game may have poor performance and/or graphical glitches without.

Download: BarbarianNT_1.2b_linux_i386.tar.gz(97mb)

The game was play tested on Ubuntu 12 and Ubuntu 14 32 bit and 64 bit.
The game should work on other distros with a new enough kernel, but you'll have to find and install your distro's version of any required libraries manually. If you get it working on another distro, shoot me an email the info as I'd love to leave instructions here for as many people as possible!
Required libraries: 32bit opengl, 32bit openal, 32bit libssl